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All the guidelines and processes that are carried out in Villar are based on the total guarantee of quality through the control of the traceability of the entire agri-food chain. A perfect combination between tradition and innovation, from the field to the table of all our consumers.

This traceability is verified through regular factory audits done by external companies that must be certified by Aenor. The traceability must be individual, piece by piece and be reflected in its corresponding label.


Our company complies with the most rigorous controls in the phases of selection of raw materials, elaboration process of our hams, loins and sausages. Also in phases of salting, stuffing, drying, maturation in cellar, processing and shipment of orders to all national and international clients.

In our Iberian products, Villar Group is part of Denomination of Origin “Dehesa de Extremadura”. Official auditors check closely all the elaboration process of the ham, complying with product traceability schemes. After the elaboration and maturation process, the people in charge of D.O. visit the plant to check the aged product, certifying its quality and adding the official stamp of D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura.

Nowadays, we strictly comply with the Regulation of the Iberian Pig RD 4/2014 of January 10, in feeding, purity of race (breeding) and labelling. See the Regulation